Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Interview in PJ's, a messy bun success, & an eruption of dance.

Our last two days have been spent partially in Santa Barbara. On Tuesday, I went out there for my second interview with one of the directors from the ELC (English Language Center). Their main locations are in Boston and Los Angeles, but they're re-opening a school in Santa Barbara where i'm hoping to get a job. 

A quick recap: I had an interview in November, about a week before Thanksgiving and it was to take place over Skype (I know, right?! It was a first for me, too). Well, since there's a three hour time difference between Boston and CA, I decided that for my 8AM interview, I'd be partially PJ'd. I wore a blouse and blazer up to (where my interviewer could see me) and my comfiest, most worn in PJ bottoms. Well, as it turned out, I didn't have to get dressed at all (you know what I mean)! We had to reschedule that interview, and my first round actually took place over the phone. 
Thankfully, I got a second interview. I was excited about this one because it was going to take place in person in Santa Barbara. To prepare for my interview, I got my teaching portfolio together and updated it with my new last name :)

When I was getting ready, I decided to try my hand at a messy bun. Any of you lady friends out there know that these are a hit or miss. Fortunately on this momentous day, it was one for a successful messy bun :)

If I get the job, the commute will be a bit brutal:

Made a quick stop to my favorite coffee shop on State Street (they hand stamp every cup!) 
for some chocoate chai:

Got to the language center and had my interview take place in an unfurnished room, 
so it kind of felt like I was being interrogated:

On Wednesday night, Dave and I ordered Thai food, ate it really quickly, and headed back out to Santa Barbara for a friend's CD release party (Mac Montgomery and the Family Band). You can now get their album on iTunes. They are a talented bunch, and their love for Jesus is so apparent. What was a foot-tappin' CD release party was also a time of beautiful worship that ended up in an eruption of dancing :).

"No one else can like you like I love You, Lord because I was made unique in Your heart; 
I was made to bring You joy."

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