Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Look What Came in the Mail!

I absolutely love snail mail--hands down one of my favorite things ever. I checked the mail today and got not just one, but two surprises!

Our wedding photographers, Sarah & Rosina, sent us our wedding images :D! If you missed their blog posts from our wedding, you can see them here (Rosina's / Sarah's). (I'm practicing self-control and waiting until Dave gets home from work before I pop those discs in and relive our wedding day.)

Isn't their disc packaging adorable? Simple but with a touch of personalization and pizazz.

 Sarah also sent me a book called A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken 
as a wedding gift. She couldn't find another copy at her local bookstore, so she
gave us her personal copy!

We cannot thank Rosina and Sarah enough. They are very talented photographers & friends of ours who shoot with their hearts and have an eye for the special, real moments that their clients want to hang on to. Not only that, their aim in their business is to encourage couples to prevail in their marriages (amen!). Thank you, you two, for running far more than a photography business--thank you for investing your skills and talents into the life of your clients and always bringing a bit more of His love into the world.  You ladies are awesome.

We'll share some wedding photos with you as soon as we've gone through them!

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