Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Duty free--yes, please!

While we were on our cruise, Dave and I stumbled across two delicious lovelies that taste even more amazing when they are together. What made getting these things even sweeter? No tax & crazy deals:

 I know the stuff on the left is kind of hard to come by, so if you ever see it--make sure you pick one up for yourself. It's delish. Africa knows what's up. Dave and I--if we had to choose--would probably go with the Amarula. But seriously, these two bottles were meant to be best friends.


We did it!: A Lucht update from the local library.

Hello "real" world!

I've been in a planning/moving/preparing bubble for the last few months. And finally--we're married!! I'm a wifey and my Dave's a husband! It's even more official now--Facebook shows me as a "Lucht"! I'll admit that it's pretty sad, but no longer seeing myself on Facebook as a Pham made being married that much more official.

It's so cheesy and cliche to say, but our wedding was the best day of both of our lives. It was beautiful (our friends poured so much love into our day), and we still can't believe all the love, prayer, support, encouragement, gifts, and celebration that were showered over us. Dave and I are still having a great time just thinking back on the day to see what other details we can remember and tell each other about.

For any of you who've followed me at alittlebet.blogspot.com (aka Empty Clay Jar), I'll no longer be posting there and will proceed to blog about our lives here on We Lucht Out :) (I'm trying to consolidate my social media blogosophere). Since I'm living in a new city as a married lady and experiencing new adventures with my husband, I (we) want this blog to be a place where friends and family can keep in the know with what we're up to. It would be ideal to be able sit down for some coffee and catch up, but with the distance we sometimes find between us, this will make sharing our lives a bit more feasible.

It's been forever since I've posted anything--and it's taken even longer than I'd hoped because we still don't have internet yet at Casa Lucht. Here's a little pictorial recap of us since we said "I do!":

A preview shot from our photographers/friends Rosina & Sarah:

Pre-honeymoon surprise breakfast: Dave took me to the place in 
Malibu where he took me before he propsoed.

Our cruise ship: We were gifted a honeymoon--huge blessing! It was fun. 
Downside: There is WAY too much food on cruise ships--WAY too much. 

Mr. & Mrs.

Back from our trip:

Stopped for breakfast at The PotHolder when we disembarked in Long Beach.

And then... we came home to:
wedding decor, bags/boxes of mine that have yet to be unpacked, and wedding gifts.
We cannot wait until everything's in its place and we can actually walk around
our home without tripping on something :).


Dave went back to work. Since I haven't found a teaching job yet out here, 
I have time to get our home together and get some post-wedding odds and ends done.
Dave's been craving homemade lasagna for some time now, so I decided to give lasanga-making a go (I modified the recipe, so it's also figure friendly. The original recipe called for TWO cups of cheese just to top the whole thing. WHAT?!). I was a little nervous because his mom makes some "bomb" lasagna, but Dave wouldn't stop eating it (yay!).

So many of my married friends told me that I would love being marred. WELL, they're so right. I absolutely love it. I'm married to my best friend, and we're blessed beyond measure to get to build a life and a home together--and to live out this adventure that our God's put before us.
Thank You, thank You, thank You.

Final shot:

The community/music area is coming together:
Framed & Cornered.

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