Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas has visited our home: trees, crafts, and an ugly thing.

Looking for our REAL tree :)!!

(We found it! It's just the right size for our humble home. This picture
is misleading. The tree is, in fact, taller than me.)

I got so excited that I went to put the ornaments up right as the tree got into its stand,
but then the hubs kindlyreminded me that the lights needed to go on first.
He was a dear and put them up while 
I made us some warm deliciousness.
 I repurposed some decorative wrapping from our wedding, 
and turned it into some DIY ornaments.
 Simple bows made from a lace table cloth that I thrifted (also leftovers from wedding decor)
 little plaid bows and sweet little ornaments we got at Target

 my favorite one :)
 and i love our lights! they're tiny little round ones
Our tree all dressed up!

And for some more cost effective decor...
...the paper garland!

So this picture really has nothing to do with our home,
but it made me want to go to an ugly sweater party...
I keep being reminded of how blessed Dave and I are, and it truly is overwhelming.
I'm beyond excited to spend my first Christmas married to my best friend, to celebrate with
family and friends, bake up a storm, and just enjoy this year as it comes to a close 
(I cannot believehow quickly it zoomed by).

Oh, come let us adore Him!

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