Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Snickerdoodle Recipe

Dave loves snickerdoodles, so I thought i'd make them (mostly to give away, but he was my taster :)).
I found a holiday version on one of my new favorite food sites. I ran to the grocery store to pick up cream of tartar and somehow it ended up OUTSIDE of my grocery bags, and then came home only to get back into my car to go back and get some. Upon getting home the second time around, I realized I had also forgotten the vegetable shortening. I was so over driving that I subbed another stick of unsalted butter for the vegetable shortening, and the cookies still turned out.

Again--another copied/pasted section to save time
(Ah! It's so ghetto, but girl's gotta do what she's gotta do):
One suggestion: They weren't as spiced as I would have liked them to be, so I would double the nutmeg, ginger, and the cloves. If you want your flavors to be a bit more subtle, I'd stick to the original recipe. 

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