Thursday, November 10, 2011

Surprise: Sweet, sweet "revenge."

For some reason, my surprises I have or plan for Dave have always backfired. Take this for instance: for his birthday in July, I ordered a guitar pedal for him not knowing that I was logged on to HIS eBay account--good job, Liz!

The worst part is that Dave is great at surprising me, so i've always felt quite less than in the surprising department.

Well--I was doing laundry the other day in the garage and noticed this brown box in the back that I didn't remember seeing before. I just assumed it was a wedding gift that had somehow gotten overlooked. I spun the box around to see If there was any writing that would clue me in on what it was. And there, in beautiful, bold black typeface I read the words: KitchenAid Stand Mixer.

I believe my exact words were: "Whaaaat?! No way!!"

And the box was addressed to Dave's work, so I knew that this was something he meant to surprise me with.

When he came home that day, I walked over to him with my "I know something you wish I didn't know" face and told him what I had found. Turns out, it was my Christmas present!

Even though Dave was kind of bummed that the surprise was "ruined," we were both really excited to put the mixer to good use leading up to this holiday season. And truth be told, I was still completely surprised--just not as my darlin' husband had planned. Finally--a surprise that I figured out before the appointed time (doesn't feel so good now does it, babe?) ;).

Thank you for my lovely buttercup colored mixer, love. You've always been a good gift giver. The kitchen is going to get some serious action because of this new addition, and so will... Ah, I won't spell it all out for you...:p

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  1. YOU are so cute!! I can't wait for you to make me some yummy baked good!


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