Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Lucht Holiday Wrap-Up: The humbling, the holy, the happy stuff.


The holidays are over. From November until New Year's, it seems as though everyone goes into a haze of scratching off things off of  their to-do lists. I had lists everywhere--on the fridge, on my phone, on my nightstand, in my purses--everywhere! In the flurry of them all, Dave and I were really blessed to experience some real life in the midst of the holiday hoopla.

Life is back to "normal"--whatever normal means. It was our first holiday season as a married couple and we had our share of busy, overwhelming, joyful, humbling, and surprising. We had opportunities to spend time with friends & family --making new new memories and new traditions as Mr. & Mrs.

My one regret is wishing that we had made more time to really soak in the advent in preparation for Christmas. We got so busy that--at times--there was more stress than reflection--more "ugh" than awe. When we found ourselves completely still and reflecting on the beautiful scandalous night that Christmas is, we regained focus and were completely humbled. Christmas is not what we've made it. In fact, Christmas is very much real life--a life of uncertainty, a life of glory, a life of humility, a life of heaven meeting earth, and a life that is to mimic that of the transformation of baby Jesus into Jesus--Christ our Lord.

In the midst of mall-mania and insane amounts of money being spent on gifts, Christmas happens alongside real life. It doesn't pause real life. It needs to be a part of life. It's not a time to slap on some  happy faces; it's still very much a time to be real, and that's what we experienced this Christmas. It's not a time when we pretend everything is OK; it's a time that a parent can tell us on Christmas Eve about a serious sickness and get prayer next to a kitchen that's in the middle of fixing a fine feast. It's a time when we talk about the hard stuff that we're going through. It's a time to be reminded of our desperate need for the Savior that was given to us as a means for real life. Christmas is one of the biggest reminders of the greater reality of life that's really life. This Christmas--we were reminded of the fragility of life--but the strength found in His life. 

We are so thankful, and we are desperate for you, Jesus. Thank you for giving us more than we could ever imagine. We bless you, Lord. 


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