Monday, November 2, 2009

Swimming in a Sea of Pattern & Texture

Today breathes an air of levity. I decided to stay home and work on some big things due tomorrow and the rest of this week at school. Usually, I end up distracted and not getting any work done. Today I decided to integrate a creative release into my day while being at home, so that I could function appropriately :). Oh, and the creativity also entailed me getting around to organizing some things which have been set on the back burner for a while now.

There are patterns and textures everywhere!
  A visual trip to some of the "places" my eyes have been today:

Hooks for some of my decorative strands :)

Necessary points and flats.

First one up.

I finally brought out the crock pot last night: White Chicken Chili.
I'd be more than happy to pass along the recipe! 

(Enjoyed some for a mid-morning brunch)

These necklaces have been sadly resting on a hanger in my closet for months. I loved organizing them onto their new hook homes; I was reminded of the stories behind some of them 
(some date back to high school). 

Since I already had the hammer out, I decided to work some more on the frame wall (Each piece of art bears unique meaning, and each frame was a thrifty find :D). Excuse that gaping hole; I'm still waiting for something just right to put up. 

I love the creases that add character on this bit of fridge art. It reminds me of how beautifully made we are--creases, "flaws," and all. 

These three just served as a reminder to me that I'm immersed in pattern, in colors, in textures all the time. My hope is that in being sensitive to my surroundings, my "mundane" never becomes dull.

To end on a good note, here's my coffee for the day. I forgot (don't ask me how) to make coffee this morning and thought it'd behoove me to do so before I kept working on my school work. I really enjoy the varying textures in this shot, even that somewhat annoying, unidentifiable crumb.

The song lyrics for the day:

Your love is like the ocean; 

I'm drowning in Your presence.

("Your Love is Like" by Rick Pino)

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  1. I love the photo journalist in you! Great theme! :)


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