Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Leafy Songs Surround.

Casting a moving shadow over my shoulder
As it's neighbor, the breeze, gently skips across
The back of my head--rousing tendrils and curls to
Freely dance and sway,
The Fall sun now lingers on my face
Masked partially in Summer's garb.

Bursts of cool air interspersed with rays of warmth--
The quintessential marriage between heat and allusions of cold.
Few but boldly colored leaves paint the air with delicate strokes
As the wafts of wind fight to keep them dancing for as long as
They can before they rest on grounds below.
Freefalling--a short-lived escapade.

Dry, crisp and peculiarly loud, the crackling leaves
Under my feet are surprising.
Strange that such decibels could be reached
By such unassumingly sized leaves.
Heel to toe, heel to toe,
Leafy songs surround.

Side by side and without motion--
My feet.
No crackling leaves.
The sun seemingly still by the horizon.
Eyes closed and kept closed by
An invigorating dance of air
Coming from the heels of my feet
around and up to the crown of my head.
Arms stretched out to either side,
Palms upward and receiving
With the rest of me,
The glorious gift of Fall
In its many forms.

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