Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What Colors My [Our] Vision?

Don't you just love those mornings when you wake up knowing that it's just going to be one of those days? Today was one for me. I set my alarm for 6:30 and had plans for my morning. My body and mind felt exhausted as the sound of my alarm finally traveled to my ears, and I simply hoped that I wasn't a potential flu victim. Three hours later, I forced myself out of bed and got a glimpse of the gloomy weather outside. Normally, I would be elated by this kind of weather. Today it just seemed to put me in a funk. Or...maybe I was already in a funk.

I left for school at a pretty standard time and once I got onto campus, the parking lots were FULL! Studying for a quiz at every red light,  I knew I'd get to school just in time for class. Normally, the lots don't fill up around the time my first class starts. Today was the exception. Well, I ended up driving around for about half an hour--nada!! I parked in a visitor spot and headed to class. The quiz was already over--missed it. As I settled my mind and my body into class, I knew I'd end up finding a parking violation on the windshield of my car once class was over.

Maybe today is just one of those overly emotional days--I'm a girl; these days happen ever so often. I cried on my way over to school, forgot things I needed at home, felt incredibly overwhelmed with the stuff on my plate, and the whole parking/quiz situation unraveled-- I was almost waiting for the next thing from the list of "Great, what's next...?" to show itself, but that thought was squelched rapidly as I got out of my car as I parked for the second time--in a legitimate spot.

The gloominess of the weather (or at least my perception of it) dispelled and was replaced by the coolest, most refreshing embrace of brisk, fall air. I especially felt it around my face, but it was a lovely and slow soaking in of this almost breeze. One deep breath after the next.

Eyes closed. Slow exhales.

I made sure to take in a few of these before snapping back into the grid of my schedule.

It's fascinating how those "Hey, slow down" moments have great power in giving me enough space to regather, refocus and remember how good things are despite the little annoyances that do pop up every now and then.

The idea of becoming numb to the blessings and gifts in my life is alarming, and I know that if I'm not intentional about it, it will happen. In these moments, I'm most reminded that it's all in the ignorable things: flowers budding, sunsets, intensely green leaves on towering trees, a sprouting plant, a blanket of stars in the sky, the glorious sound of waves crashing, the fact that I have a car, an education, a community of people in my life, food at every meal, my health, clean air to breathe (usually), the ability to walk, to breathe, etc... The list is honestly endless.

There's a reason why we're told to count our blessings. It gives us perspective, and it reveals the Father's heart for us. Thank you for coloring our world the way You do. I ask for eyes that will allow me to see my surroundings more vibrantly and in their truest shades. Let not my circumstances taint my vision of who You are.

Alright, a few more moments with the almost breeze before the last class of the night...


  1. Sounds like me on Saturday!:) Glad things are looking up and thanks for pointing my chin up to regain my focus!!!

  2. Sometimes those frustration days are needed to reflect on life. Nothing goes your way and it breaks you down mentally but yet you somehow find a way to overcome and smile another day.


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