Thursday, October 29, 2009

P.s. [to Who & Whose]

After I finished writing my previous post, I went to class and was there until 9:30. I come home from class to find an email from a dear friend/dad-figure that he'd actually sent yesterday. He's been prompted to pray for me a lot lately, and this is what God wanted him to share with me:

My daughter i am training you in steadiness training to not let too many things interrupt your awareness of me--I know the world you live in,  I know your commitments, I know the sights and sounds even the things you do for me! Do not let them throw you off course..calmly and confidently remember I am with you. You more than ever must know that I  designed you to need me moment by moment. As your awareness of your neediness increases so to will your realization of my abundant sufficiency. My peace will dwell in you in greater measure. my peace, however, is in the moment.this causes you to seek my presence at all times you are precious to me need not do another thing to please me. You are loved just as i have made you.
Verbatim in some parts! I shouldn't be surprised because I know this man hears clearly from the Lord, but still... zing!!

Here's what I had written: I can't measure how I am day by day. If I did that, I'm sure I'd feel like a crazy person--ups and downs all over the place. I also can't just wake up and say once at the beginning of my day, "God, I need you." My mind isn't strong enough and my will isn't formed enough for once to be sufficient. I may say it once, but hours later, I'm already in a flurry of worries or concerns. This only brings about a kind of lifestyle that's lived out in a blur. I want clarity; I desire a rhythm of stillness and silence to be integrated in my life.

My walk, this process, all of it--it's moment by moment. It's a dialogue. It's constant interaction--constant conversation--between someone who can't do anything alone (me) and Someone in whose palm I sit. The constant interaction and dialogue really do act as safeguards for my heart.  
It's absolutely no coincidence that Papa Shark (Mark) shared this with me. God's timing is beyond my comprehension (orchestrated genius) and He knows my heart, and He chose to speak through Mark to minister to me. This was incredibly encouraging for me as it's confirmation of the things that I've been learning and sifting through.

Thank you, Lord...for pursuing me the way You do.


  1. Isn't it fun when God shows you little hints here and there of what he's doing with you and your life if you let him. Everything from him is so beyond comprehension. The beauty of it makes you want to cry because you've never seen something so beautiful...and that's when you're really in the moment. I LOVE GOD, (he's) sooooo amazing!!! Way beyond what our small little finite minds can comprehend and it's beautiful! Lova ya girl!

  2. Yeah, Suzie! He is amazing. You've been on my heart a lot. I pray that you're seeing Him more and more--He's everywhere. I pray for wisdom as you're going through transition! I hope you know how loved you are :)

  3. Wow! God is so amazing and His timing is perfect. This is such an encouragement. I ran into a homeless couple during my lunch break yesterday and I was able to bless them and show them love from all that God has blessed me. He never seems to amaze us. He's just that BIG!

  4. Whoa. I felt a peace as I read both of those posts. Liz!! :) Peace. Moments. Dialogue. Constant. How you were knit together. I love it all. <3


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