Friday, April 1, 2011

Caley and Jordan

Six years ago, Caley met Jordan at friend's birthday party where he was DJing up a storm. Apparently Jordan wasn't just smooth with the beats because they have been together ever since. With that being said, they're making it official this coming August!

Caley's sense of humor and Jordan's cool-as-a-cucumber attitude made them a joy to work with. It's undeniable that they love each other, love laughing with each other, and have an ease with each other that's contagious. 

Here's to the future Mr. and Mrs.
[Can we say future cute kiddos??]:

Just in case you're wondering, 
those are Caley's Jimmy Choo's that are making 
a peek-a-boo appearance :)

 This might be one of my favorites of them:

 No, I didn't tell them to pretend to play tic-tac-toe.
 It was totally their idea :). 
Oh, and I think Caley let Jordan win.

Thanks again, you two, for letting me take your pictures. I can't wait 'til August! 

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