Monday, April 12, 2010

Short and Sweet.

Today's blip isn't to fashion words into some work of art. My hope is that it sheds light onto something that no one can place value on. It's nothing short of a miracle.

I have a pretty unique relationship with my parents. We don't talk very frequently, and when we do, it's not for very long. It really is just that: short and sweet.

My mom's actually flying up to San Jose to visit my gramps in the hospital. This is a really recent turn of events, so a lot of things are up in the air and everyone seems to be waiting by the phone for updates and the latest news on how he's doing. He's not doing well. He is 100, but it was still unexpected. We would love your prayers. I'll keep everyone posted as I hear more.

I called my dad today to see if he had heard from my mom. I also asked him how he was doing, and his response went something like this [pardon my paraphrase--I don't think the Vietnamese would have flown over too well]:

"Ummm, I'm doing ok. I'm alone at the office, and it's really overwhelming during the busy season without your mom here. Things just flow better when there's the two of us."

Just from the tone of his voice, I could conclude the following: He adores her. She adores him. They deeply dislike doing anything too far away from each other. This in fact, will probably be the first time in their 26 years of being married that they'll be spending multiple nights away from each other. They still hold hands. They crack each other up (even when no one else thinks anything either of them says is all that funny). They challenge each other. They're best friends. They're a team. It's just how they roll.

The few minutes I spent with my dad on the phone reminded me of the kind of love only God can fashion--the kind that sacrifices, supports, encourages, and nourishes--bringing about richer life.  It's not just a love that is shared between my parents. If that were the case, they'd be receiving way too much credit (I don't mean that disrespectfully). It's the type of love that is from Love. I praise God for the love that I've seen Him weave into my parents relationship with each other. I praise Him because it is His love that I see in their midst. Though it seems that this love is more rare than not, it reminds me that this is the type of agape that God intended for everyone. 

The short and sweet conversation I had with my dad showed me something incredibly sweet, but there's nothing short about the love I see between my parents. A love that reflects the cross and looks far into eternity is one that is rare; interestingly enough, it is the love that is mandated.

This agape love is intended for all (and no--not just in marriage relationships). May we experience life richly because we trust God enough incline our hearts toward agape-ing each other. May we as the Body experience agape in a way where its byproduct is but more Love!

More of your love, Lord.


  1. why has this love been the theme for the past couple months??
    day by day God has been showing me just how loud, deep, HUGE His love is....
    oh amen!

  2. Emma, I think we're just becoming more and more aware of how loud is love is and is going to become.
    Sweet girl, i'm glad we've met and been able to share in sweet fellowship with each other. I look forward to getting to know you better, sister.


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