Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Still Can't Believe I'm in Uganda.

From the time Becca dropped me off at the meeting place on December 27th until day, Day 4 of our 15 day adventure, I have been completely floored by the glory and greatness of God. In my sweet time of prayer with Becca before I left, I saw God's provision for both of our spirits. Nudged to share in a time of confession with me, Becca's honesty spurred me into sharing and confessing as well. I was burden free as I stepped onto that plane :). Praise Him for His orchestration!

I am in great company--this team is made up of so amazing people and the people of Uganda are sweet of spirit and utterly stunning. The friends we're partnering with at GBCC are fantastic. Their love for the Lord and for prayer are hugely encouraging. There seemed to be an instantaneous love shared between us and them, and we can only give credit to God for orchestrating our interactions so beautifully. I'm completely obsessed with children here--their gorgeous eyes, their beaming smiles, and their little hands that so quicly latch on to yours...

We spent two days traveling, so it was really nice and such a break to finally get into Gulu. We experienced what we thought was heavy rain the second day there. It came right after we had gone hut-to-hut praying for people. We saw both children and adults come to know the Lord, and there was much recjoicing to be had. The rain was cleansing--symbolic of so much, and we met to worship together, to give thanks, refreshed and overflowing with the love and Spirit of God.Worship here is good for the soul and the body :)!

There's so much I can share from the last few days (e.g. interactions on the plane rides, our brief stay in Dubai, unexpected but awesome change of plans, etc...), but i'll leave you with a few of my gems. The car ride to Gulu was about 6 hours long. For five of those hours, I experienced a deep and powerful time of worship as I started out of the window of a 18-person bus. The landscape of this country is lush and remarkably green with equally impressive clear blue skies with clouds that seem to go on forever. I mean--seriously, they just doesn't end! I was making mental note after mental note of how creation truly shows the magnificence and creative genius of our Father. Driving past deep green fields covered in beautifully shaped trees,  I marveled at the artistry of our God. Then it dawned on me--as much as i'm amazed by God's beautiful handiwork in creation, He delights and marvels in us--His favorite creation. You, me, the people of Gulu, the people of the world. We are His art. And this may sound a bit off because we know that God is the all knowing God, but I can't help but think that when God looks at us, we take His breath away so much that even He doesn't have the write words to use to express how much He adores us. Leaves you speechless, huh? We live on the very canvas of our Masterful Artist. The Creator creates and is pleased with all which He has made. He's pleased with us!

I think a common thread we've experienced in the day and a half we've been in Gulu is this. Humility brings us closer to the heart of God and of His image bearers. There is much pain, grief and brokenness here; but there is also great joy, worship and love in the hearts of the people. During the times when I feel like I have nothing to offer because I haven't been through anything close to what the people here have, I'm reminded that the Spirit of God is unifying. In my silence, He speaks. Madeline says it best: "Communication implies sound. Communion doesn't." Sometimes it's the simplest act of sitting with someone that speaks the loudest.

My internet time is limited, so I apologize for the all-overness of this post. Thank you so much for your prayers thus far. He hears and is faithful! I'm blown away by your love and your prayers.  Please be praying for our next few days. The New Year's service (today for us) is an all-nighter. Pray fo the Spirit's guidance of what will be shared (both our team from Rock Harbor and the members o GBCC will be leading worship and sharing messages). Also, continue to pray about the upcoming women's conference (Saturday). We're so excited so see how God will bring healing and restoration to the spirits of our sisters in Gulu as well as in ours.


Signing off...see you (here) in a few days!


  1. Wonderful Liz!! I can't believe you're in Uganda too!
    Love you sis.

  2. Praying for big (and small) things, Liz! Do work!

  3. So stoked for you sister. I totally get you about the sky and clouds and creation. That's totally how it is in Tanzania and it floors me every time. Blessings over you, friend. Have an amazing rest of the trip and I look forward to more updates.


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